Join EDCI for Eating Disorder Awareness Week. We love to celebrate awareness and will be updating this page over the month of February. Please check back reguarly for updates and new information! 







(Feb 22nd-Feb 28th)

Join us for our Lunch and Learn with ACUTE 

Click below to register for a free 1 hr CE event: "Mental Health on the Rise: What to Look for and How You Can Help"

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Join us for our new Professional Consultation Group!

Beginning in March, EDCI will host a monthly professional consultation group for providers working with eating disorders. Participants are welcome to bring a case for consultation or join to listen, offer insight, or observe. Therapists, physicians, dietitians, nurses, and students are welcome. The group meets virtually via zoom on  the third Thursday of every month at 8am, beginning 03/18/2021. For more information email

Check out our recordings from our Fall Event with Amy's Gift

Click the following link to view all of the recordings of the stellar presentations at our Fall Conference. Please note, you will be required to provide your name and email.

Check out other EDAW Resources and Events

The National Eating Disorder Association is celebrating this year's awareness week with the theme, Every Body To Have A Seat at the Table. This year's theme is an outstanding way to bring marginalized voices and communities to the table as we discuss eating disorder awareness and prevention. We encourage you to view their information and resources: 

NEDA Awareness Week 2021

Also check out these infographics for up-to-date information on a variety of Eating Disorder Topics! 

Join us for our Awareness Fundraiser

Every February the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) spearheads the national effort to increase awareness of eating disorders and the impact eating disorders have on individuals and loved ones. You may have seen efforts or even participated in previous awareness events such as the annual NEDA walk in October. The Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa (EDCI) is proud to host an awareness fundraiser with a focus on purposeful rest. We are turning the traditional “awareness walk” on its head with a team-based event we call Eating Disorder Awareness (Not a) Walk Fundraiser or #notawalk for short.  We hope you join us in spreading our message of exercise compassion for this year's event! 

To read more about our fundraiser, to join a team or to create a team please visit our fundraiser page. You can also scroll down to donate directly to a team. 

We also encourage you to read more about our fundraiser and message of combating "exercise shame" with "exercise compassion."