Join us for an eight week Journaling Club hosted by EDCI volunteer, Emma Clanin. Emma will be creating weekly journaling prompts to help us to explore our thoughts and feeling regarding topics on body image, eating behaviors and self-worth.

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Welcome to EDCI’s eight-week journaling club! We’re glad that you’re here and excited to bring this opportunity to “show up” for yourself in this way. Journaling provides a way to be present and mindful with yourself, acknowledge and celebrate progress, and release thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. In this club, there will be one prompt per week that is released every Wednesday for eight weeks. You will focus on self-discovery and healing relationships with food and the body. Before you begin, we want you to feel prepared. Listed below are a few tips to help you be successful on this journey!


  • You will need a notebook or journal to write in. It does not have to be anything fancy! What you write in it makes the journal meaningful and special in and of itself.


  • Schedule a time each week where you will have access to a quiet, undisturbed, comfortable space where you can take your time (Does not have to be the same every time!).


  • Date all entries to stay organized and to refer back to.


  • Be self-compassionate! If you’re not the best writer or have never done this before, that’s okay! This is for you, so no one must see it or correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. 


  • There is no required length. You can write as little or as much as you want. Focus on your needs.


  • Your decision to share your journal is yours. Keeping your entries to yourself is okay. Sharing with others can be cathartic and help you connect with others who have had similar experiences, even helping others in the process.


  • Moving forward, if you feel the urge to write outside of this club, do not hesitate! We encourage you to lean into this process.


  • If you end up not liking journaling right away, before giving up, switch things up a bit. For example, find a different time of day to write or write about what’s on your mind instead of following the prompt. Journaling will take time to get used to and if the weekly prompt doesn’t meet your needs, write in a way that does.


Now that you’re ready to begin, here’s the first prompt!

Week 1

Setting Intentions

You’re invited to set intentions for yourself. Ask yourself, “What would I like to get out of journaling? How do I plan to use this journaling club? How will journaling serve me?”



  • I would like to be more introspective with my thoughts and my actions around food

  • I’m going to use journaling as a form of consistency in my life

  • Journaling will aid me in my relationship with myself


After creating your intention(s), ask yourself, “How can I prepare myself for this process?”



  • I’m going to give myself the space and permission to release my thoughts and feelings into each prompt

  • I’m going to tell my family and friends about this club so they’re aware and supportive of my plans

  • I’m going to commit to myself by “showing up” for each prompt


With any new intentions that you make, remember that change is not always linear. You may experience ups and downs so understand that this is natural. Give yourself grace and know that as you move through this club, you’re naturally moving towards change.

Week 2

Breaking Up

Hello there! We’re so glad you’re here for Week Two!

Last week, you reflected on what you would like to get out of this club; maybe you want to use journaling to develop more consistency in your life or form a more compassionate relationship with yourself. Whatever your goal(s) may be, there is likely some obstacle keeping you from reaching them, such as an eating disorder or detrimental self-talk. Before you begin journaling today, take some time to think about what’s holding you back because this week, you’ll be “breaking up” with your ED or body image/food troubles through a goodbye letter. This letter is a way to honor yourself by releasing any thoughts, actions, or behaviors that are not serving you so you can move forward. You might be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work and somewhat daunting; this is valid! Writing this letter is challenging and YOU CAN DO CHALLENGING THINGS. To give you some guidance, here are some tips:

Prompt #2: Write a goodbye letter to your eating disorder or to your unhelpful beliefs about food/your body.

*Before you begin, make sure you’re in a space where you won’t be rushed or suddenly interrupted

  • Let yourself feel: There might be emotions that come up. Allow yourself to feel ALL of them because this is a necessary step in moving forward. In a sense, it’s a funeral for parts of yourself or actions that you no longer want to pour energy into. Transfer these feelings into your writing. For instance, if you’re mad about what your ED has taken away from you, write about that frustration.

  • Be honest: Where do you find yourself right now, and where do you want to go/what do you want? What have your ED/beliefs taken away from you?

  • Be patient: There’s no pressure regarding the length or content of your letter. This letter is to help YOU, so tell your story and let out what feels necessary.

  • Do not edit: Polishing takes away the purpose of writing what comes to mind. It doesn’t need to be perfect because it’s meant for your eyes (BUT, feel free to share it if you want).

  • Please be sure to utilize your treatment or support team should you need to further process any thoughts or feelings that come up from journaling.