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Prevention, treatment and recovery begin with information and an ever-increasing understanding of our relationships with eating, exercising and our bodies.
This resource list will provide you with general information and audience-specific information for women and girls, men and boys, family and friends, educators and coaches.
We have chosen these resources in accordance with our Vision and Mission, however inclusion is not necessarily an endorsement of all content by EDCI.

Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating

ED 101

PowerPoint presentation on types of eating disorders, detection and treatment, how- can-I-help information, and resources.


Slim to None: A Journey through the Wasteland of Anorexia Treatment
By Jennifer Hendricks

Overcoming Overeating: Living Free in a World of Food
By Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies: Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession

By Jane Hirschmann

Making Peace with Food: Freeing Yourself from the Diet-Weight Obsession
By Susan Kano

Moving Away From Diets, 2nd Ed.
By Nancy King, Karin Kratina, and Dayle Hayes

Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating
By Geneen Roth

Feeding the Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Overeating
By Geneen Roth

When Food is Love: Exploring the Relationship between Eating and Intimacy
​By Geneen Roth

Goodbye ED, Hello Me
By Jenni Schaefer

Life Without ED
By Jenni Schaefer and Thom Rutledge

Size Diversity

BBW Magazine
The Power of Plus!

Council on Size and Weight Discrimination
Nonprofit which works to change people's attitudes about weight; act as consumer advocates for larger people, especially in the areas of medical treatment, job discrimination, and media images.

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance
Non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people by eliminating discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support.

Largesse: the Network for Size Esteem
International clearinghouse for information on size diversity empowerment.

Radiance Magazine Online
Devoted to the positive health and well-being of women; kids’ site (for kids - & for parents, teachers, counselors, and health professionals who love and work with them) extends support to youth around issues of body size acceptance and self-esteem.

Size Wise
Size-friendly resources and information.

Art and gifts that portray bodies of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages, and genders


Eating Disorders from the Inside Out: Laura Hill at TEDxColumbus.

Calm, pleasure and satisfaction is what most people experience after eating. But for people with eating disorders, food brings anxiety, disturbance and noise. Dr. Hill takes a look from the inside out from the "sound" to the biology of these diseases and how the future holds a different approach to manage the illness while bringing these patients hope.

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Eating Disorders

About Face
Equips women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image.

Healthy Weight Network
Frances Berg, LN, Resources and information by recognized scientific experts; authoritative, scientific research on dieting, the failure of weight loss programs, eating disorders, obesity, overweight, size acceptance, diet quackery, and moving ahead with the nondiet health at any size paradigm.

Media Awareness Network (Health Canada)
Resources on media awareness.

Mind on the Media
Information on independent thinking and fostering critical analysis of the media message.

Making Weight: Men's Conflicts with Food, Weight, Shape and Appearance
By Cohn Anderson

Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth In Today's Weight-Obsessed World
by Frances Berg 

​Underage & Overweight: America's Childhood Obesity Crisis
By Frances Berg

​Live Large! Affirmation for Living the Life You Want in the Body You Already Have
By Cheri Erdman

​The Invisible Woman: Confronting Weight Prejudice in America
By Charisse Goodman

Let Their Voices Be Heard. (Quotations from life stories related to physical activity, food and eating, and body image.)
By Betty Holmes, Suzanne Pelican, and Fred Vanden Heede

Body Wars: Making Peace with Women’s Bodies
By Margo Maine

​Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
By Eric Oliver

​Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women
By Naomi Wolf

Weight Science and Eating

A Weigh Out
Ellen Shuman, promotes a way out of the self-defeating cycle of disordered eating, dieting, weight obsession…and shame.

Am I Hungry?
Michelle May, MD, Helps people recognize and cope with their triggers for overeating, rediscover joy in physical activity, and effectively nourish their body, mind, heart and spirit.

Body Positive
Psychologist, Debby Burgard, PhD,  Resources to encourage people to find greater well-being in the body they have - rather than “living above the chin” until they lose weight.

Ellyn Satter Associates
Ellyn Satter, RD, LCSW, Helping children & adults to be joyful & competent with eating.

Intuitive Eating
Evelyn Tribole, RD and Elyse Resch, RD, Studies about Intuitive Eating, articles that discuss Intuitive Eating, interviews, a list of Intuitive Eating counselors around the country (and even the world!), Intuitive Eating support groups, and, a blog.

Nourishing Connections
Karin Kratina, PhD, RD and Amy Tuttle, RD, LCSW, Articles, books, handouts, helpful hints and more to help you transform your relationship with food and your body; Stay Attuned™, a free monthly ezine with tips and inspirations to help you stay focused.

Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth about Your Weight
By Linda Bacon

Big Fat Lies: The Truth about Your Weight and Health
By Gaesser G.

The Food & Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health
By Karen Koenig

The Rules of Normal Eating
By Karen Koenig

Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense
By Ellyn Satter

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family
By Ellyn Satter

Intuitive Eating:  A Revolutionary Program that Works
By Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

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