Volunteer of the Year: Sue Clarahan, RD, LD, CEDRD

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

“On all fronts, Carrie and I couldn’t agree more! We are proud to award EDCI’s Founders Volunteer of the Year 2016 to Sue Clarahan!”

(This is the transcript of the speech given by EDCI co-founders, Michelle Roling & Carrie Leiran, at the presentation of the 2016 VOTY award.)

Michelle: About 7 years ago, I attended a professional conference in Philadelphia. A professional I met made quite an impression. She was so full of energy, with an infectious smile and a passion for helping those with eating disorders. She had lived in Iowa but had moved to Ohio with her husband’s work. While there she founded a private practice and was part of starting an Intensive Outpatient Program… Fast forward to 2012 -- we reconnected when she had moved back to Iowa!

Carrie: EDCI board was immediately enamored when this ball of energy came to a board meeting. We had lunch afterwards. I was so stunned and thankful to have a dietitian colleague who also specialized in eating disorders. For me, I didn’t feel like the “Lonely Maytag Repairman” anymore. In many ways she is the energizer bunny dietitian! Soon she was nominated to the board of directors for the Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa. Our prayers had been answered with someone whom we could involve in Eastern Iowa “who got it”.

Michelle: A Friend and Colleague, therapist Carrie Lutter, writes that our energetic Volunteer of the Year cares deeply about improving the lives of those suffering with eating disorders and body/size stigma. As a therapist, she has had the privilege to work alongside our nominee with mutual clients for nearly 4 years and states, “I am honored to have the experience of her expertise and compassion translate into exceptional care for those we work with. She makes her professional team better for her outstanding approach and admirable gifts.”  She is a committed advocate for this population through her work with EDCI, Health at Every Size, and Association for Size Diversity and Health. She superves many dietetics students and mentors them with in the field experiences. She serves tirelessly as a resource to the local and national community.”

Our Volunteer of the Year is a sought after speaker, not only in Iowa but nationally.  Tiffany VanZante one of the Site Co-Coordinators at EDCI’s Pella Regional Reach Out Event describes our nominee…”She is an extremely intelligent, educated individual. What makes her unique is her passion to share her education with others. In working with her on local outreach event, I quickly realized that her passion runs much deeper than just sharing information. She truly believes and cares about those suffering from eating disorders as well as the injustice surrounding issues of Health at Every Size and Eating Disorders. She will do whatever it takes to help people understand in a caring, compassionate manner but doesn’t hesitate to throw in a spark of her Chicago- raising to drive home a valid point. She is a remarkable woman and her passion to “go against the grain” and the “right wrong” thinking in our society is truly inspiring.

Carrie: Our Volunteer of the Year comes from a large family! Echoing the sentiments of her siblings and dad, Her sister Mary, writes, “She so deserves this award! Our sister is so approachable and non- judgmental. She has offered countless hours of conversation to those struggling with weight issues. She listens and responds with positive and practical advice.  Last but not least, our Volunteer of the Year’s daughter, Christine, and her husband Randy are proud to be with her tonight. Growing up her daughter- Christine wanted so much to be like her amazing and talented mother that she too went to Iowa State University to study dietetics and become a registered dietitian. Christine writes, “My mom’s passion & dedication to her patients and eating disorder awareness is second to none. She is personally and professionally inspiring to everyone she knows. The only place that mom excels more than the workplace is her home. She is the best wife and mother anyone could ask for!

Michelle: On all fronts, Carrie and I couldn’t agree more! We are proud to award EDCI’s Founders Volunteer of the Year 2016 to Sue Clarahan!

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