Provider Resources

Provider Resources

Please feel free to check out our recent trainings. Check back for upcoming training opportunities!

Training Opportunities

In case you missed our 2020 Fall Conference in partnership with Amy's Gift, feel free to view the selected sessions below. For more information about these presentations or to view all recordings, also check out the conference website:

Silver Sponsor Rogers Behavioral Health

Eating Disorders and Co-Occurring OCD: Understanding the Overlap
PRESENTER: Nicholas Farrell, PhD and Stephanie C. Eken, MD

Bronze Sponsor iaedp 

The 9 Truths of Eating Disorders: How to Be Your Best as a Caregiver & Advocate

Bronze Sponsor Laureate Eating Disorders Program 

Addressing Over-Exercise in the ED Patient

PRESENTER: Gabrielle Taylor MS, RD, LD

Lead Sponsor Amy's Gift: Quad Cities Eating Disorders Consortium

Calm and Soothe Yourself: Ways to Help Yourself Through Your Eating Disorder
PRESENTER: Betsy Zmuda-Swanson, MSW, SEP

Bronze Sponsor Brandis McFarland Counseling 

Supporting Your Loved One with Advanced Caregiving, Based on Principals and Techniques of Emotion Focused Family Therapy

Gold Sponsor Veritas Collaborative 

Self-Connection: Strategies for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones to Support Lasting Recovery
PRESENTER: Shannon Braasch, Director of Alumni Services and Professional Engagement

Professional Consultation

Beginning in March 2021, EDCI will host a monthly professional consultation group for providers working with eating disorders. Participants are welcome to bring a case for consultation or join to listen, offer insight, or observe. Therapists, physicians, dietitians, nurses, and students are welcome. The group meets virtually via zoom on the third Thursday of every month at 8am, beginning 03/18/2021.


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