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Matching Fundraiser

Join EDCI and Thrivent for a 1:1 matching fundraiser to help us accomplish our goal of creating a text-based app to put resources in the hands of individuals, caregivers, medical providers, and educators. 

About the cause

Starting August 1st and running until October 1st

Help EDCI raise funds to create a text-based application! 

Through your generous donation, you can help EDCI develop a text-based application to connect individuals with crucial resources to increase the awareness and prevention of eating disorders. 


EDCI has identified a significant need to better connect Iowans with information, resources and treatment providers. The number one piece of feedback that we receive from our community is that there is not enough awareness regarding eating disorders - including the harmful effects of diet culture and the impact of these concerns on the individual and family. A text-based application would be a new opportunity to quickly, efficiently and effectively get up-to-date resources in the hands of caregivers, educators or providers. 


Our plan is to coordinate with local and state organizations to ensure that this text number becomes a widely-used resource for individuals, organizations and mental/physical health centers to reference and share. 


Your donation will help us build this text-based application, create informed, research-based resources for distribution, and cover the costs for each user to access these resources free of charge. 


To demonstrate the impact of your donation, below are a few examples of how your gift would be utilized: 


$10 - Connects 50 individuals with resources

$25 - Connects 125 individuals with resources

$50 - Develops psychoeducational materials 

$100 - Allows EDCI to operate the text app for one month

For questions, or if you'd like to get involved, please reach out to

The Thrivent Member Network - Iowa/Southern Minnesota Region will provide a $1 match for every $1 donated through this online campaign up to a maximum match of $10,000. 

Donate TODAY to help us raise funds for this project!

Fundraiser runs August 1st - October 1st.
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