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Connecting Iowans to crucial resources to increase awareness and prevention of eating disorders.


Just text 641-EDC-IOWA (641-332-4692) and opt-in to connect with important information on eating disorders and recovery. 

Receive relevant eating disorders resources straight to your phone!

EDCI’s newest resource, textED, provides a wide variety of resources for providers, caregivers/support people, and folks struggling with their relationship with food just by sending a text.

Step 1:

How to Access textED Support.png

Send a text

Text “EDCI” to 641-EDC-IOWA (641-332-4692)
Once you’ve texted be sure to reply “START” to opt in


Sign up using the form below

Type in your phone number to get started straight away

Step 2:

Follow the prompts

Let our textED system connect you with helpful resources based on your needs

Download and save PDFs on the following topics:

First steps (if you think you may have an eating disorder), provider referrals, combatting diet culture, caregiver resources and care support, provider resources including a medical guide for healthcare providers, information on weight neutral care, eating disorder treatment, and eating disorder recovery.

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