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Now Accepting Applications for NEW EDCI Board Members

EDCI is happy to announce we are opening the application process for new board members for the 2023-2026 term. Feel free to review the information below to determine if you might be a good candidate! 

Applications are due March 29th, 2023.

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Why Join EDCI?

Although EDCI has only been in existence since 2010, we have a rich history of making direct and meaningful impacts in individuals' lives. On the EDCI board you will: 

  • Be part of a small group of supportive, empathetic individuals in the eating disorder space

  • Work to advocate for individuals in recovery

  • Fight against weight discrimination and diet culture

  • Help to provide trainings to outpatient providers to be better equipped to treat eating disorders

  • Build relationships within the eating disorder community

  • Assist in furthering the development of EDCI, ensuring long-term success of the organization

Board Membership Requirements and Expectations

To be a board member with EDCI you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a resident of Iowa or be licensed to practice as an eating disorders treatment professional in the state of Iowa

  • Must hold one or more of the following experiences: professional in the treatment team of eating disorders; parent/caregiver/family member of someone who has been/is in recovery; a recovered individual; a community member with vested interest in advocating for eating disorders awareness

  • Many board members and volunteers with EDCI have a personal history with disordered eating or eating disorders. We believe this provides a valuable lens of experience to guide our mission and projects. However, we do ask that individuals have reached a level of recovery that will allow you to work within the board without significant risk of relapse, triggers or concerns. We require individuals with histories of eating disorders to be at least one year post-treatment, nutritionally rehabilitated and stable in your recovery.  

Although this is subject to change, we believe that the expected time commitment for board members ranges from 5-15 hours per month. Some months may have less work while other months (especially leading up to events or project launches) may require more time. General expectations of serving on the EDCI board include: 

  • Attend virtual board meetings at 6:15am the first Friday of each month

  • Attend at least one additional virtual committee meeting each month

  • Attend the in-person annual retreat on June 2nd, 2023 from 9am-4pm

  • Check methods of communication (Email/Slack), ideally each weekday

  • Participate in committee work on own time

  • Attend EDCI hosted events (typically 1-3 per year)

  • Assist with fundraising efforts including sponsorship solicitation, ticket sales and donation requests

***Please note that if the meeting times do not work for you, we still encourage you to apply! The current active board can vote to move meeting times to an agreed upon time that works with all member's schedules.***

Ready to Apply?

For any questions about the application process or about EDCI, please contact Board President, Sara Schwatken

Applications are due by MARCH 29th, 2023. 

A board member will be in touch with you about your application after March 29th. Individuals selected for an interview will be asked to schedule an interview with the interview committee during the month of April. Applicants will be voted on during the May board meeting (May 5th), after which time the board will communicate their final decision. Approved new board members will be asked to join the board for the annual retreat on June 2nd in Reasoner, Iowa. 

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