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The mission of the Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa (EDCI) is to provide inclusive education about disordered eating and to change cultural narratives regarding food, bodies, exercise, weight, and health.

We serve Iowa providers by facilitating training opportunities to elevate the proficiency of disordered eating care.

We seek to be a catalyst of hope, acceptance, understanding, and healing to the larger Iowa community.

The vision of EDCI is an Iowa with increased access to weight inclusive education and care for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.


Welcome to EDCI. We welcome all races/ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, body sizes, income levels, abilities, religions/spiritualities and are committed to the inclusion and well-being of all Iowans. EDCI recognizes that there are multiple treatment theories and approaches to recovery from an eating disorder and that different modalities can be utilized to meet individual needs. EDCI is committed to ongoing learning, education, and advocacy. We are glad that you are here and welcome you to the EDCI community. Please contact with any questions or concerns. 


Envisioning an Iowa free of Eating Disorders

The experience of having an eating disorder and supporting a loved one with an eating disorder is a complex, painful, costly and, at times, deadly experience. Too many Iowa lives have been impacted by disordered eating. EDCI was founded in 2010 with the hopes of providing timely, informed and helpful information to assist those who are currently struggling, recovered or supporting an individual with disordered eating. We hope to empower and educate providers to provide the best quality care to the citizens of Iowa. 

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