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NEW Caregiver Resources - Brought to you in Partnership with Becky Henry and EDCI.

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa is very excited to announce our partnership with Hope Network and Becky Henry to provide caregivers with valuable resources as they navigate the difficult terrain of helping a loved one with an eating disorder.

We have added two resources to our caregiver resource page that we, at EDCI, love and recommend: the HUG Kits and the Recovery Roadmaps "Going from Panic to Plan" three part webinar series. Both resources were developed by Becky Henry, an eating disorder parent, coach, retreat facilitator, speaker, and national award winning author. Becky uses her skills as a Certified, Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) to guide families to let go of fear and panic, practice self-care skills and become effective supporters for their loved one. These will offer families a resource to let them know they are not alone and will also help navigate the recovery process.

The HUG kits contain a link to short videos that cover 10 different topics along with a downloadable PDF guidebook for the video series. You will also receive a physical copy of Becky Henry’s book Just Tell Her to Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders.

Click here to purchase the HUG Kit:

Use Code: EDCI

The Recovery Roadmaps program is a webinar series. The series will start with an introductory video, then move on to helping families choose a treatment facility and getting the most from the treatment program. The final webinar will help families with the transition when their loved ones return home.

Use Code: EDCI

EDCI feels strongly that these will be wonderful resources for families and caregivers and we are thrilled to be able to offer them on our website. By using the links above and on the caregiver page on our website, EDCI will receive a small commission as an affiliate. This commission allows us to continue to provide awareness, resources, programming and support to caregivers in Iowa.

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