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Spring Into EDCI

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Yay! Spring is here. Budding flowers and trees. Green grass. Spring rain. Baby animals. Singing birds. Warmer weather. Track, tennis, golf, soccer, softball, baseball. Shorts, tanks, swimsuits, prom attire. Body checks. Social media inquiries on weight loss tips. Smaller portions. Counting calories. Cutting out foods.

Stop! What just happened? Springtime joy turned to body and food focus. How did that happen? For someone dealing with disordered eating behaviors or body image distortion, this thought process may occur often throughout the day. Just as quickly as Iowa weather can change during the spring, so can the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of those in the battle. It can be overwhelming for the person, not to mention family, friends, teachers, administrators, healthcare providers, and anyone the person is in contact with.

Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa (EDCI) is here to help you through those moments and seasons of change. EDCI was founded in 2010 with the mission to prevent eating disorders and serve as a catalyst of hope, acceptance, understanding and healing for all impacted by eating disorders. 2020 brought many changes to EDCI, as it did to the world, during the pandemic. Virtual meetings replaced in-person meetings and conferences; reliance on website and social media communication superseded in-person education; personal life adjustments initiated board member changes. Throughout these changes, the goal of EDCI remained intact: to serve as a centralized resource collaborating and cooperating with individuals and organizations to work towards the vision of an Iowa without eating disorders.

I am honored to be part of EDCI, serving Iowans and those beyond our state borders through the convenience of technology. Please visit our website to learn more about EDCI and sign up for the monthly provider consultation group or the e-newsletter. Send questions, comments, or requests to; Suzanne Hull, EDCI Executive Director or one of our board members, will answer your email. Check out our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let EDCI help during these seasons of change...bring back joy into everyday living.

Kristy Hoffman-Rieken, RDN, LD, LMNT EDCI

EDCI President


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