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EDCI Welcomes Volunteers for the July ‘21 - June ‘22 Year

Here at EDCI we have lots of exciting projects planned for the upcoming year. The board would love to recruit some assistance to help us achieve our goals and provide more resources to individuals, caregivers and providers in Iowa.

Here are a few highlights of projects in the works:

  • Fall Virtual conference for providers

  • Smaller CE opportunities

  • Continuation of consult group for professionals

  • Spring workshop for caregivers and individuals in recovery

  • Development of EDCI membership

  • Creation of handouts, presentations and resources for community members

  • Grant writing for future funding

All are welcome to join the EDCI team! We encouraged providers, caregivers, community members, teachers, coaches, or those in recovery to volunteer. (Please note, we care for individuals in recovery and wish for those who are in the battle with an eating disorder to devote the time they need to the recovery process. Therefore, we do recommend recovered individuals to have some space from the immediate struggle of their eating disorder prior to volunteering for EDCI).

No previous board experience is necessary. However, an expectation for volunteers would be to commit to joining at least one committee. Committee volunteer time may vary, but in general, you should expect to attend one monthly virtual committee meeting and complete any necessary tasks outside of the meeting time.

For questions or more information about volunteering please contact

If you know you would like to volunteer, we ask you to sign up via this link and a board member will be in contact with you!


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