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Journaling Club - Week 7

Hi all! Wow, it is week seven already! Last week, you looked at your triggers and learned that you have the power to react to them in healthier ways. So far, you have done a lot of introspection, and quite honestly, you have put in some hard work, so congratulations!

This week, let's talk about comparing ourselves to others. Maybe, this is a trigger for some of you. Comparing ourselves to others is natural; however, it can get us into trouble if we always focus on beating someone else instead of being our best selves or look at what someone else has that we do not. Self-comparison is not helpful and can make us unhappy, so we want to help you start thinking about YOU, aside from anyone else. Keep in mind that EVERYONE has flaws and beauty to them!

This week, you are challenged to do something that makes you feel good, recognize your unique qualities, talents, and skills, and think about how you want to develop as a person. Stepping back to focus on becoming the best version of yourself can help you become an individual who does not need to compare yourself to others. You can feel more confident in your strengths and accept your weaknesses because it is possible to acknowledge that you are unique and that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

Please respond to the following prompts:

Journal prompt #7:
What are some things you want to try that you have not had the chance to do? After you come up with ideas and try them, write down your findings!
What makes me unique?
What are my strengths? What are some areas I want to work on?
What do I want, regardless of others?

As I said before, everyone struggles in some areas of life and succeeds in others. Comparing yourself to someone else is not possible because each person is unique. As the saying goes, it is like "comparing apples to oranges". We hope that recognizing how unhelpful comparing yourself to others is, thinking about your strengths, and honoring your wants and needs will put you in a mindset for self-appreciation and growth.


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