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Journaling Club Week 8

Congratulations! You made it to the final week of this club. We are so proud of you for finishing and hope you gained something from it...and maybe even had a little fun along the way. During the first week, you were asked to write down goals you wanted to complete throughout these eight weeks of journaling. This week, you will be asked to look back and reflect on if you reached them and what you learned throughout this whole process.

Prompt: Looking back, did you stick with the goals you had set for yourself, and did you reach them? Why/Why not? Think about where you were during week one and where you are now. How have you grown? What have you learned?

We want to thank you for joining EDCI’s journaling club. We are honored that you chose to spend your time with us and proud of you for using this process to focus on yourself. You will soon receive an evaluation survey to improve the next journaling club session!

Thank you :)


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