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Journaling Club - Week 5

Hi there! Wow, you are officially more than halfway through this 8-week club! Recognize that you have been dedicated to this club for five weeks and completed challenging work during that time. That is such an accomplishment! Not everyone has the courage and motivation to introspect as you have done in this club. Moving forward, we hope you continue to set aside this time for yourself, and we will continue cheering you on throughout this process.

Last week, you were challenged to think deeply about your thought patterns, where they are coming from, and how helpful and accurate they are. Becoming aware of your thought patterns and processing why they occur is the most important step in changing maladaptive patterns because without this, it is difficult to move forward. You also acknowledged that some of the messages did not align with the truth and that your mind may have been feeding you inaccurate and unhelpful information. After putting in all that mental work, you are now rewarded with the opportunity to change your thought processes.

You can start changing these stories and messages through affirmations. Affirmations are intentional, positive encouragers and reminders that you use mentally or verbally to overcome negative or self-sabotaging thoughts. The messages and stories you wrote about last week have been passively accepted and labeled as correct facts. Affirmations are used as a way to claim your power so you can shift your mindset from being negative and self-detrimental to positive, confident, self-compassionate, and self-appreciating. I am sure you are eager to write, so let us look at some examples using the “truth” section from last week’s hypothetical table.




​I believe that my weight is the best feature about me.

The number on a scale does not define me. I think my best physical features are my eyes and smile. Unrelated to appearance, I want to be known for my funny and energetic personality because it makes me unique.

Affirmations using the truth

  • I am so much more than my weight

  • My weight does not define me

  • My weight is just a number

  • I radiate good energy

  • My smile brightens any room

Additional examples:

  • I chose to treat my body with kindness

  • I deserve to fuel my body with food that makes me feel good

  • My body is strong

Some Tips:

  • Your mind believes what you feed it, so writing affirmations in the present tense, as if you are living your ideal reality, will aid in creating a new belief system.

  • Add emotional charge and descriptive language. For instance, “I feel vibrant and nourished when I eat fruits and vegetables”.

  • Write it in the positive rather than negative. For example, instead of "I no longer weigh myself," you say, "I feel good in my body when I make healthy choices."

  • Write in the first person using "I".

  • Keep it short, so you can remember!

  • Shy away from aesthetic and focus on function with body affirmations.

  • Use words and phrases that resonate with you!

Now, it is your turn!

PROMPT #5: To begin, either look at the "truth" section of your table from last week or think of a thought you have struggled with lately. Now, think of a short statement or mantra that you can verbally or mentally say to yourself that is empowering, encouraging, and most importantly, reminds you of the truth. You can also think of affirmations as compliments and encouragers. Please write as many as you want. However, it is recommended that you start with a few that you can remember easily and use consistently.


Now that you have written your affirmations, we hope that you will repeat them mentally or verbally when needed this week and moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to write in your journal today!

See you next week :)


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