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Caregiver Resources

Here is a selection of helpful resources available to those who are assisting a loved one with an Eating Disorder.


Welcome to those who have a loved one, spouse or partner, sibling, friend, colleague or child with an eating disorder. We are so glad you have found us as we hope to provide you support and resources to assist you assist those you care for. 

For starters, you may have found us in hopes to learn more about eating disorders as you may suspect a loved one is struggling with disordered eating. Please click below to learn more about eating disorders and the signs/symptoms to be on the lookout for. 

Being a caregiver, friend or loved one of an individual with and eating disorder can be a complex and overwhelming experience. You may experience feelings of pride for being trusted while simultaneously feeling shame, blame, fear and confusion for how to assist in their recovery. At EDCI we find it equally important to support the caregivers as we do the individual with an eating disorder. Making sure you are informed, supported and taken care of, yourselves, is important to best assist your loved one. ​

Below are a number of resources we recommend you explore: 

Hope Network HUG Kits and the Recovery Roadmaps:

We value providing extra support for our family caregivers supporting a loved one in recovery. That is why we're providing access as an Affiliate to both the Recovery Roadmaps three-part webinar series featuring the shared wisdom of Becky Henry, Ibbits Newhall, and Wendy Wright as well as Becky Henry's HUG Kits. 


Because providing low-cost support to family caregivers means so much to us, we've contracted with Recovery Roadmaps to give 20% of your purchase price back into our family programming. 

Hug Kits: Contain a link to short videos that cover 10 different topics along with a downloadable PDF guidebook for the video series. You will also receive a physical copy of Becky Henry’s book Just Tell Her to Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders.

HUG Toolkit Code: EDCI

Recovery Roadmaps: This webinar series will start with an introductory video, provide assistance in helping families choose a treatment facility and getting the most from the treatment program. The last webinar will help families with the transition when their loved ones return home.

RRS Affiliate Code: EDCI

*Please note that EDCI is an affiliate with Becky Henry and Hope Network. EDCI will receive a small commission for purchases made via our affiliate links. This commission allows us to continue to provide awareness, resources and support to caregivers in Iowa. 

Funding Resources for Higher Level of Care Treatment: 

Here at EDCI we are aware of the astronomical costs associated with a higher level of care of treatment. Many families may find themselves in an impossible situation in knowing their child would benefit from a higher level of care but due to being uninsured or under-insured, are unable to access this needed care. Below are a short list of resources in which families and individuals may access to apply for financial assistance.

*Please note that these resources are not vetted by EDCI. EDCI is not responsible for the content or outcome of any financial application or funding source provided below: 

The Kristen Haglund Foundation

Project Heal

With All

Moonshadow's Spirit Organization

Rebecca's Eating Disorder foundation

Mary Rose Foundation

Manna Fund

The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness Caregiver Virtual Support Group:

Open to all caregivers, support group meetings are held Wednesday evenings (6pm Central). Must register at least 1.5 hours before meeting start time at this link: Support Group Registration

NEDA (National Eating Disorder Awareness) Caregiver Resources:

Browse NEDA's tips for helping a loved one. Includes an excellent Parent Tool-Kit download:

Eating Disorder Family Support Network (EDFSN):

An online support network for families. This network was created by families, for families of loved ones with an eating disorder. It is critical for families that are navigating this journey with their loved one to have life-saving resources and support on the path to recovery. 

EDFSN includes: 

Mom2Mom- a closed private Facebook support group for moms, surrogate moms, and female caregivers. We are “moms helping moms” navigate the path to recovery. This group offers EDucation, wisdom, and compassion with a stringent vetting policy to provide a safe place of support. 

Man2Man- a closed group for dads, husbands, partners, step-dads, surrogate fathers or male caregivers to support one another as you support your loved one on the journey to recovery. 

Mom2Mom Child Loss- a closed group supporting mothers whose loved one has died as a direct result of their eating disorder. 

EDFSN Professionals- a closed group where parents and carers can ask specific questions and receive support from professionals specialized in eating disorders. A group where collaboration is the goal. 

EDFSN Advocacy- a closed group for parents, siblings (over 15), caregivers, and advocates to share advocacy ideas and campaigns, thoughts, information on eating disorders, helping to create awareness, improved understanding, and create change. 

Resources for School

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